Other Services

In addition to offering numerous appraisal, purchase, brokerage, and valuation services Watauga Flight Service LLC offers initial and recurrent flight training in a number of aircraft.  We train in a number of different, piston, turbine, single-engine, and multi-engine high performance, pressurized aircraft.  We work closely with the insurance industry in obtaining approval for our training programs.  Our training program offers the flexibility of bringing the training to your location.  Our training program focuses on the aircraft, its limitations, systems, normal and emergency procedures, maintenance/servicing, and human factors involved in flying a high performance aircraft in a variety of weather conditions.  Our goal in training is to produce pilots who can safely and efficiently operate their aircraft. 

One of the benefits of training with an experienced pilot/instructor is the wealth of operational experience that the pilot brings to the training environment.  Having been actively flown as a corporate pilot for the past 16 years, I hope to impart both good experiences and bad ones as well to enhance the learning of each individual.  In addition to this I hold an A&P mechanics certificate allow me to give in depth instruction in the systems of your aircraft. 

There are many flight instructors who could make good pilots, but the problem in aviation is that there are many pilots who do not make good instructors.  Being a good flight instructor mean gaining an understanding of what your client needs in the course of initial or recurrent training and then making sure that they have the confidence and proficiency to safely and efficiently operate the aircraft that they are receiving training in.

Here is a link to our aircraft training website


Here is a full list of the aircraft for which we have received insurance approvals to train in:

    1. Cessna 210
    2. Cessna T210
    3. Cessna P210
    4. Cessna 310
    5. Cessna 340
    6. Cessna 402
    7. Cessna 414
    8. Cessna 414A
    9. Cessna 421B
    10. Cessna 421C
    11. Cessna 425
    12. Piper PA46-310P (Piper Malibu)
    13. Piper PA46-350P (Piper Malibu Mirage)
    14. Piper PA46R-350T (Piper Matrix)
    15. Piper PA500-TP (Piper Meridian)
    16. Piper PA46-310P and Piper PA46-350P P46T (JetProp)
    17. BE-55 (Beechcraft Baron)
    18. BE-58 (Beechcraft Baron)
    19. BE-58P (Beechcraft P-Baron)
    20. KA90 (King Air A90)
    21. KA90 (King Air B90)
    22. KA90 (King Air C90)
    23. KA90 (King Air E90)
    24. KA90 (King Air F90)
    25. KA200 (King Air 200)
    26. KA200 (King Air B200)
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