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Aircraft Purchase, Brokerage, and Valuation Services


We offer a number of services in addition to aircraft appraisals to aid our customers in the purchase of a new aircraft.  The purchase of a new aircraft can be a daunting task.  There are many variables to consider.  Valuation of an aircraft for sale can be tricky process.  In addition to this examination of aircraft logbooks is a very important part of any aircraft purchase. Watauga Flight Service LLC can assist in the purchase of a new aircraft by acting as a buyer’s agent.  We will locate the right aircraft for you.  Our goal in acting as a buyers agent is to find the aircraft that YOU want, with the type of equipment that YOU want.  Our goal is to ensure that the aircraft that you have chosen is a quality aircraft and one that in all likelihood will easily proceed through a pre-purchase inspection.

In addition to offering aircraft purchase consultation we can also act as a broker for you current aircraft.  With low brokerage fees we offer expert services to sell your aircraft at a price that you are comfortable with.  It has been said that a good deal is one where both parties are satisfied.  In the current market we will assist you in understanding market value on your aircraft, and then seeking to get the best possible offer for your aircraft.  We always insist on offering aircraft in an open, honest, and transparent manner.  If you were buying an aircraft isn’t that what you would want as well.  

We can also look at various aircraft on the market and produce a market analysis to give you an idea of what an aircraft for sale might bring in the current market.  These service can be helpful to both buyers and sellers.  The better you understand the market the more successful you purchase or sale experience will be.  Click on the contact tab in the menu or on the left side of the page to get more information from us regarding our services.

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