Aircraft Appraisals

There are a number of reasons that you might need to get a certified aircraft appraisal. 

1.If you are in the market for a new aircraft your lending institution may require a certified appraisal, or perhaps you want a trained eye to look and evaluate the aircraft you are considering for purchase.  

2.You may be involved in legal proceedings that require a certified appraisal, or you may need expert testimony in a legal proceeding. 

3. You may be looking into proceeding with some upgrades, and want to refinance your aircraft.  We can work with you, your lenders, and the shops doing the work to give    guidance in the value of your aircraft. 

4. As aircraft age, insurance companies sometimes are hesitant to insure the aircraft hull at the level that the owner desires.  An appraiser can evaluate the aircraft specifically based on its time, maintenance status, engine TBO’s, avionics, and other optional equipment including STC’s (Supplemental Type Certificates).   Your insurance company may require an appraisal after an avionics upgrade.  Without an appraisal you may not be able to fully cover the cost of the upgrades.

There are a myriad of reasons to get an aircraft appraisal.  The most important element is getting a qualified individual to look (physically examine) at the aircraft. While a qualified individual can from a computer give a basic valuation of the aircraft, they cannot produce a certified appraisal.  Nor can they make specific judgments relative to the condition of the aircraft paint, interior, logbooks, or other relevant data.


The normal process for an appraisal goes something like this:

  • We will begin by emailing you an engagement letter. This letter will serve as an agreement between client and appraiser.  This letter will outline the scope of work along with other pertinent details in regards to the appraisal.
  • The engagement letter will contain pricing information. Each appraisal will have a customized quote based on the aircraft type, age, and aircraft total time.
  • After the signed letter has been returned, and if required the deposit has been received a time will be set up for inspection of the aircraft and its records.  All of the aircraft records must be provided along with access to the aircraft.
  • After the inspection of the aircraft and records is complete the data will be examined, and then the appraisal will be written.  A normal appraisal for an aircraft will be 15-30 pages depending on the complexity of the aircraft and its age.
  • After the appraisal is written (usually about 7 days after the inspection), and once full payment has been received a PDF copy of the appraisal will be emailed to the client, and then a hard copy will be mailed to the client


Our appraisal pricing is based on many factors.  Since no two aircraft have the same equipment, and times on engines and airframes we offer customized quotes.  Factors which will affect the price of the the appraisal are type of aircraft, type of appraisal requested or required, airframe total time, age of aircraft, type of maintenance program, and rarity of aircraft.

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