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Aircraft Appraisals

Watauga Flight Service, LLC can provide you with a prompt, credible, and unbiased aircraft appraisal.  We look at every aircraft without preconceived ideas about its conditions or value.  Our job in providing an appraisal is to provide you with the most accurate idea as possible of what your aircraft is currently worth in the market.  We will take into consideration many factors when we appraise aircraft.  Condition of the airframe, aircraft records (logbooks), avionics, paint, and interior are just some of the many factors which we look at when appraising an aircraft.  We do not provide desktop appraisals.  In order to provide a certified appraisal we must physically examine the aircraft, and its records.  This is how we are much different than other companies offering desktop appraisals.  An airplane is a complex piece of machinery, and values can vary dramatically based on so many factors.  Most of these factors can not be determined by a number of pictures emailed along with a spec sheet. 

We are able to provide appraisals compliant with Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.  We have received the training and passed the exam from the Appraisal Foundation which allows us to perform these types of appraisals.  These types of appraisals may be used for lending purposes, estate settlement, IRS, and legal proceedings.  In addition to this we can also act as an expert witness in legal proceedings in regards to aircraft valuation.  We can produce USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice)  compliant appraisals.  This appraisals are done under a strict set of guidelines recognized by legal and banking industries.


  • 30 Years Flying Experience
  • 24 Years A&P Mechanic
  • Airplane Single Engine and Multi-Engine Airline Transport Pilot Certificate
  • 22 Years Certified Flight Instructor (Airplane Single Engine & Multi Engine Instrument Instructor)
  • FAA Designated Pilot Examiner
  • Member of National Aircraft Appraisers Association (2009-2018)
  • Associate of Professional Aircraft Appraisal Organization (2019-Current)  https://www.appraiseaplane.org/
  • Graduate of Embry Riddle ASA Appraisal Course (ASA 201-ASA 204 Courses)
  • Member of Organization of Flying Insurance Adjusters (2013-Current) http://ofainc.com/
  • Working as an Aircraft Insurance Adjuster.
  • 17 Years Experience as an Aircraft Broker (Sales and Acquisition)
  • Provide Flight Training (Initial and Recurrent) in 18 different aircraft makes and models.





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